The Floating Lotus - a Leader in Natural and Holistic Anti-Aging Services
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The Floating Lotus: A Leader in Natural and Holistic Anti-Aging Services

The Floating Lotus Day Spa and Yoga Studio is recognized for our commitment to providing natural and holistic anti-aging services.

How often should I practice Yoga?

How often should I practice Yoga? This question is commonly asked of our yoga teachers, by both novice and advanced students. The motivation for this question is usually tied to the physical movement of Yoga, the asanas – what we commonly…
Welcome to the Floating Lotus
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What should you expect when you visit The Floating Lotus?

What should you expect when you visit The Floating Lotus? Of course, you'll always find: A relaxing atmosphere in an inviting and clean space in the heart of Little Rock. A pleasant experience to nourish mind, body and spirit. Knowledgeable,…

Satya: Living Your Truth

How are you living your truth this new year? Satya is the yama in Yoga philosophy that pertains to truthfulness. It goes beyond simply “not lying” into the deeper sense of living in a way that aligns with and honors your highest truth. Is…
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Share Your Self-Care: Refer a Friend in November!

It’s in our nature to trust and care for those around us. We guard ourselves from pain, both physical and emotional. When you choose your tribe, it’s because you have found your home and your heart is protected. This is how we treat you…

Fall: The Perfect Season to Establish a Routine

routinenoun    a sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program The fall season is coming, and with it comes cooler weather, sweaters and a need for routine. Fall is the time for transition. The earth begins to shed her brightness…
Vacation Yoga

Vacation Yoga: How to Practice away from Home

When we travel for vacation, do we have to give up our yoga practice? No!

A Difficult Start Helps New Yoga Student Discover Herself

The following was written by guest blogger Stephanie Woodbury, winner of our social media contest for a free year of Yoga. Stephanie shares her journey with us. So, this year so far ... has been a year of challenge, perseverance, growth,…
wheel pose, anchoring in a mindset

Experiencing Personal Growth with the Pose of the Month

A year ago at The Floating Lotus, owner Cassandra Benning decided that the Yoga studio would have a monthly theme and a focus pose. The reason was simple: This would allow each student to experience a noticeable difference in their bodies and…