Vacation Yoga: How to Practice away from Home

Vacation Yoga

Drums please! Cue up DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – it’s summertime!

This means hotter weather, but it also means vacation for lots of folks.  When we travel for vacation, do we have to give up our yoga practice? No!

Don’t worry about keeping up with your regular practice. This is the time to explore and be mindful. Be present in every moment.  

However, if you still need a few tips, here are ways to stay in practice when you are out of town.

  1. If you are going to the beach, it’s easy to focus on mindful practice. Practice being fully present by:
    • Taking advantage of the new scenery by sitting and listening to the sounds of the ocean.
    • Watching the sunset and/or sunrise.
  2. Hone your meditation practice by breathing in as the waves roll back into the ocean and breathing out as the waves comes to shore. Or reverse it. Connect to what feels natural.
  3. The beach is perfect for a physical practice, too! Practice a new pose that you have been wanting to try. The sandy shore is a great place to fall over.
  4. Many beach towns offer yoga on the beach. Just do a Google search. If you need a mat, rent one. You could even purchase one, then donate it to the beach cottage or bed-and-breakfast where you are staying, or donate it to the yoga studio.
  5. Take a mindful stroll.
  6. Before your visit, research local yoga studios. Check out what is offered in or near where you are staying.  Some resorts and hotels offer yoga classes.

In Sutra 1.14, Patanjali reminds us, “Practice becomes firmly grounded when well-attended to for a long time, without break and in all earnestness.”

Need to get some yoga in before you travel? Sign up for one of our in-studio or Zoom classes!

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