Satya: Living Your Truth

How are you living your truth this new year? Satya is the yama in Yoga philosophy that pertains to truthfulness. It goes beyond simply “not lying” into the deeper sense of living in a way that aligns with and honors your highest truth.

Is the BIG you allowed to step forward and be at the front, or does the little you, the ego, have the driver’s seat?

This year, practice asking yourself if you are being honest in what you want to do. For example, you may be moved from your higher truth to say no to an opportunity when your ego is all about the yes, or vice versa.  

Saying no is hard, especially when others may be pressuring us to say yes. We place the guilt and shame on ourselves when our truth is saying no.

When we begin to recognize the truth within ourselves, sometimes it’s hard to trust that what we feel is the truth. So, ask yourself, how does this make me feel? If the answer is, I really don’t want to do this, or doing it makes me feel pressured, then you have a great starting point for aligning your actions to your truth.

Do everything mindfully, with thought and intention. Take a moment to breathe and ask, is this really true for me? This is your foundation to begin living your truth and taking a step closer to Satya.

May we all find our truth and trust our highest selves to drive our thoughts and actions.

Yoga is a state of union between mind, body, and spirit. Your practice of Yoga is personal, but every Yoga practitioner will, at some time, discover the key to a wonderful sense of well-being and inner knowledge. Visit our Yoga Classes page to find the right class for you.

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