Fall in Love with Yourself

Image of a heart and the text: Fall in love with yourself.

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Ever gone out for a great dinner all by yourself? Gone on a vacation alone?

During February, The Floating Lotus has focused on self-love and what it means to fall in love with yourself. 

Each month, Cassandra Benning, the owner of The Floating Lotus, facilitates a women’s journaling session. For February, she posed this question to the group: What would you do daily if you were meeting your new lover? “Of course, this new lover is really just you,” explains Cassandra, “But what would you be doing differently?  Would you dress better? Would you wear more items that were special to you, such as a favorite item of clothing or jewelry? Would you start each day feeling lighter? Would your heart feel more expanded? Would you spend more time pampering yourself?”

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The answers are all relative to the individual, but the main point remains the same: You would show up more. Why do we not do this daily just for ourselves? For herself, Cassandra says, “I would feel lighter and be more aware of how I dress. I tend to dress in clothing that is just ‘nice.’ But if I were meeting my new lover, I would wear clothing that made me feel beautiful. I would be showing up every single day with openness and a huge smile.”

Another question she posed to the group was, what would you break up with, in yourself? Again, everyone has a unique answer. Cassandra’s answer: “I would break up with my need to prove anything to the other person, to be loved. I would be a better version of myself, but not from the agenda of needing love to feel wanted.”

This is the central idea: “When we show up every day as if we are meeting our new lover, there isn’t anything we’d do that we don’t already have within ourselves,” says Cassandra. “The love is within each one of us already! We just need to show up, open the door and welcome ourselves inside.” In other words, fall in love with yourself!

If you are interested in finding out more about the monthly women’s journaling group, email The Floating Lotus at info@floatinglotusyogastudio.com.

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