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What should you expect when you visit The Floating Lotus?

Welcome to the Floating Lotus

What should you expect when you visit The Floating Lotus?

Of course, you’ll always find:

  • A relaxing atmosphere in an inviting and clean space in the heart of Little Rock.
  • A pleasant experience to nourish mind, body and spirit.
  • Knowledgeable, capable, professional, friendly staff.

Our studio is designed for your well-being, whether that is through yoga classes, spa services, or both! Simply follow these easy steps to begin your self-care:

  1. Look at our online schedule.
  2. Select a class or appointment time.
  3. Call 1-501-664-0172 or book your spot online.
  4. Attend.
  5. Enjoy renewed well-being and less stress.

When you arrive at The Floating Lotus, you will notice the calming ambience as soon as you enter – a bouquet of pleasant aromas, the soothing sound of our water fountain, and relaxing, lush greenery.

At our front desk, Lily will welcome you and, if it’s your first visit, ask you to complete a questionnaire. The questions guide us in offering the class or treatment that is best for you. Once you have completed your paperwork, one of our spa or yoga staff will bring you to the correct location. At this point, you should silence your phone, if you haven’t already done so.

Yoga Classes

If you are attending a yoga class, you will slip off your shoes outside the doors to the yoga studio before entering. Inside the yoga space, you’ll find cubbies to store your personal items. Once inside the yoga room, you will be shown where to set up your mat. If you don’t have one, The Floating Lotus provides mats – and yoga props — that you may borrow. You will be asked to wipe down all props that you borrowed before leaving.

After class, you are welcome to stay and talk with the instructor and other students, or head out to your next destination, with calm mind and energized body.

Spa Services

If you have booked a spa service, your massage therapist or esthetician will bring you to your treatment room. They will review your questionnaire and consult with you about what you are wanting, to help you choose the most appropriate options.

After your spa service you will return to the front desk, where Lily will set up any additional appointments you’d like, and take payment. Your massage therapist or esthetician will make recommendations for continuing and maintaining your self-care services.

We’re Here for You

We know life can get busy and stressful. The Floating Lotus is here to help you restore your well-being and take care of yourself so you can take on your day. We’ll help you take advantage of some “me time,” find your calm, and feel your best so you can give your best.

Ready to feel relaxed and renewed? Give us a call at 1-501-664-0172 or book online today. We look forward to seeing you!

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