Nourishing Our Minds

During these final days of the year and the holiday rush, are we still nourishing our minds, for mental well-being? This time of the year offers us plenty of opportunities to be unmindful, to overeat, to over-drink, and generally to participate in overindulgent behavior. And, for anyone celebrating alone this year, this can be an extremely difficult time as well.  

It’s okay to treat ourselves at this time of year, but indulgence also can be a sign of how we handle our stress and anxiety in ways that are not necessarily nourishing to our well-being.

When we start to feel out of control, it’s important to be conscious and to take care of ourselves. Here we offer tips for emotional wellness, to help us all stay calm and centered during the holidays:

  • The sound of water running in the bathtub can be relaxing. Try a long, calming soak. The Floating Lotus offers a lovely array of bath products, including Éminence Organic and Farmhouse Fresh soaps, bath bombs and scrubs.
  • Unplug! The holidays are a perfect time to take a break from technology and give our minds a break. Try it for a few hours or a whole weekend.
  • Slow down and simplify for the rest of the year. Book a spa day with The Floating Lotus and restore a sense of balance and well-being.
  • Speaking of balance, The Floating Lotus offers a Gentle Restorative class on at 9 a.m. Fridays. This class encourages deep relaxation.
  • Make your favorite hot beverage, then sit back and savor! We love a good, herbal hot tea at The Floating Lotus. Need great tea options? Try our favorite local tea shop, Abbi’s Teas & Things, at

We at The Floating Lotus wish everyone a calm, centered holiday. Create a space to relax and restore, and if you need us to help, we are here for you.

Happy holidays, and peace to all!

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