Trigger point massage therapy photo.

What Is Trigger Point Massage Therapy?

The Floating Lotus’s spa offers trigger point massage therapy, in which the massage therapist uses their thumbs, elbows or palms to release the muscle knot.
Photo of a spa body scrub.

The benefits of body scrubs

Your body needs the same nurturing you give your face. Body scrubs are a delightful way to exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Plus, they smell A-MAZING!

Let’s unravel the mystery of SPF: Sun Protection Factor

Summer is here and it’s time to talk about protecting yourself. Now, you should be using an SPF sunscreen year-round, but most people do not. Moreover, we spend more time outdoors in the summer, and the days are longer too. SPF stands…
How often should I get a facial?
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How often should I get a facial?

How often should I get a facial? This is the No. 1 question we hear from clients in the facial treatment room at The Floating Lotus.

How often should I practice Yoga?

How often should I practice Yoga? This question is commonly asked of our yoga teachers, by both novice and advanced students. The motivation for this question is usually tied to the physical movement of Yoga, the asanas – what we commonly…
Welcome to the Floating Lotus
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What should you expect when you visit The Floating Lotus?

What should you expect when you visit The Floating Lotus? Of course, you'll always find: A relaxing atmosphere in an inviting and clean space in the heart of Little Rock. A pleasant experience to nourish mind, body and spirit. Knowledgeable,…

Fall in Love with Yourself

When was the last time you did something just for yourself? Ever gone out for a great dinner all by yourself? Gone on a vacation alone? During February, The Floating Lotus has focused on self-love and what it means to fall…

Satya: Living Your Truth

How are you living your truth this new year? Satya is the yama in Yoga philosophy that pertains to truthfulness. It goes beyond simply “not lying” into the deeper sense of living in a way that aligns with and honors your highest truth. Is…

Nourishing Our Minds

During these final days of the year and the holiday rush, are we still nourishing our minds, for mental well-being?