Keep Your Holiday Glow Healthy

Keep your holiday glow healthy!

‘Tis the season to be tipsy!! With all the holiday gatherings, we may find ourselves sipping cocktails, wine, or spirits more than we normally would. The extra alcohol consumption is part of the season: It is the time to celebrate and enjoy ourselves!

Unfortunately, alcohol isn’t good to our skin. Here’s a look at what alcohol does to our skin and what we can do to keep our skin looking as cheery as we feel! 

Effects of Alcohol on Our Skin


Alcohol is a diuretic – it causes water loss. As we lose water, we not only become dehydrated, but we also lose essential vitamins and nutrients that support the internal structure of our skin. We may start to see the skin as dull, lackluster, or extremely dry. Even lips can become dry. And we might see less skin elasticity. These can all lead to premature aging of the skin.

Inadequate Sleep

Drinking alcohol can make us drowsy, but too much can disrupt the sleep cycle and decrease the quality of sleep. We need good, restful sleep because that is when our bodies – and our skin – recover on a cellular level. If the body is not getting adequate rest, we start to see dark circles under the eyes, a duller complexion, and more wrinkles.

Alcohol Flush

Have you ever felt warm in the face and neck after a glass of wine? This is known as flushing and it’s when alcohol is not digested normally and it creates a release of histamines, causing the dilation of blood cells under the skin. Rosacea sufferers especially have to be careful, as alcohol can trigger flare-ups.

How To Keep Your Holiday Glow Healthy

Here are tips for keeping your skin in top shape as you enjoy your holiday season:

  • Drink lots of water to combat the dehydrating effects alcohol. Follow each alcohol drink with a glass of water and repeat throughout the night.
  • Get a good night’s sleep.
  • Add a great skin-care oil into your morning and night skin-care routines. (We have a fantastic Rosehip C&E oil by Eminence Organics!)

If you need a skin-care coach, you’ll find one here at The Floating Lotus. Give us a call at (501) 361-2518. We’ll set you up with a great skin-care program and guide you through it all! (We just won’t supply the booze. 😉)

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