DMK Facial Therapies Coming to The Floating Lotus

Three photos of a woman receiving a spa facial treatement.

Have you heard the news?!!!  The Floating Lotus is adding DMK International skin care therapies to our day spa’s facial menu!

What is DMK International?  

DMK International was started by Danné Montage-King.  He suffered from severe acne growing up, which led to him studying the internal biology of the body. This led to four decades of study of the internal causes of acne, pigmentation and aging.

This study led to Danné’s DMK Skin Revision model, which looks at skin conditions rather skin types. The system addresses the skin beyond the surface, offering real solution to skin conditions. His concept focuses on restoring skin to homeostasis through their transdermal products and enzyme therapy. This brings skin back to its healthiest state.

DMK is a paramedical skin revision concept that aims to “REMOVE, REBUILD, PROTECT, MAINTAIN” skin by using 100% pure botanical properties to help you put your best face forward.

Known for their Enzyme Therapy, DMK is the only company to use transfer messenger enzymes, which helps the skin to function like younger, healthier skin. DMK’s Enzyme Therapy can be applied to any skin condition. The results will return skin to its most balanced self. 

What can you expect from a DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment?

This is not your traditional facial.  The 90- to 120-minute treatments are very different from your traditional facials. It promotes blood circulation, oxygenation and lymphatic drainage through reverse osmosis, for long-lasting results.

Besides, who doesn’t want proven results PLUS a 90- to 120-minute facial!  Nap time please!

How do DMK treatments help skin conditions?

Acne: DMK’s signature Enzyme Therapy clears bacteria from the skin by the Plasmatic Effect, which flushes toxins and increases oxygenated blood flow to the skin.  It creates more lymphatic drainage, which allows the toxins to move out of the body. 

Pigmentation: The DMK Melanotech formulation has natural melanin prohibitors.  The “Plasmatic Effect”  of the Enzyme Therapy breaks up dark spots on the skin as the Melanotech works to restore an even skin tone.

Aging: Cassandra Benning, owner of The Floating Lotus, has personally experienced these results! The Enzyme Therapy stimulates the facial muscles giving skin an instant lift.  Booking a series of monthly treatments will reduce the signs of aging.  DMK’s belief on aging skin is that 90% is environmental and you can restore your skin on a cellular level, to build from the inside out. 

Ready to try this exciting facial treatment?

We are getting VERY close to providing our first paramedical DMK Enzyme Therapy facial treatments!  Cassandra Benning is a DMK Paramedical Certified Therapist, and she plans for The Floating Lotus to be the first Little Rock spa to offer these treatments.

Ready to try it out? Be among the first to experience visible results from Enzyme Therapy treatments: Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when we begin accepting DMK appointments.

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