The new scary trend in skin care: Tweens using super active ingredients.

The New Scary Trend in Skin Care

There is a new scary trend in skin care influenced by social media. What is it? It’s the tween fad of using products with harsh anti-aging active ingredients.
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Wrapping up 2023 with some GRATITUDE!

Gratitude: I wanted to wrap up this year and reflect on these last few days about how immensely blessed I am for everyone who comes here for their well-being.
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Meet Our 2021 Free Year of Yoga Winners

Welcome to our winners of a free year of Yoga: Ashley Bryan and Stephanie Woodbury! This year we decided to support two lucky winners because, with 2020 as hard as it was for most people, it was difficult to choose only one. We look…
Welcome Back
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The Floating Lotus Reopens June 22

We’re back! The Floating Lotus will be open for business beginning Monday, June 22. Ready to get back into your pre-quarantine routine? We’ve missed seeing you – but your safety is still most important to us! We want you to remain…

Four fab books that should be on your summer reading list

Yay, summer! Time to grab a good book and head to the lake, the park, the beach or the backyard for an afternoon of bliss. Don’t know what to read? Below, Floating Lotus staff members share a few books we love. We think everyone will enjoy…

Ganesh Chaturthi: Removing obstacles

Life provides daily obstacles, both large and small: work obstacles, relationship obstacles, financial obstacles, mental obstacles, political obstacles. The list can go on and on and on. Well, happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Ganesh Chaturthi,…

Guidelines for new yoga students

New to yoga and not sure what to expect? Check out page 34 the summer/fall issue of FIT Arkansas to for our guidelines. Or view the complete Yoga Student Guidelines list on our Yoga page.