Prana Shakti

While waiting for the stoplight to change to green this morning I look over to the truck beside me.  I had to smile because the gentleman was dancing in his truck.  He was so enthralled with his music that you could see the energy pulsating through him.  He was at that moment a beautiful expression of prana shakti~a creative pulse of life.  He might not have been the guy you would normally see dancing but there he was caught in a moment.  I love seeing this in people when the right music or moment comes and they can not contain themselves any longer!  What a fantastic treat to start my day.
We see this in children all the time….just turn on a dance beat and kids start moving.  Some where along the way to adultville we lose this connection.  So for anyone reading this blog my advice is to “Dance as if no one is watching!”. 

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