New Sadhana/New Moon

Welcome, New Moon!  In honor of the New Moon I started a new sadhana today.  What is sadhana, you ask?  Sadhana is a sankrit word for “practice”.  In Shiva Rea’s teachings there are six sadhanas: Vira, Hatha, Shanti, Creativity, Health/Regeneration and Bhakti.

My sadhana is a blend of Bhakti and Vira.  In Vira I am working on fire.  Stoking the tapas(fire) within myself.  I am feeling I need some fire for purification.   Fire is cleansing and Vira sadhana will provide me with strength, flexibility, stamina and courage to change.  In Bhakti sadhana I will be working on heartfire.  This sadhana is all about the love!  My yoga today was agni namaskar and then I sat with my Love ALL Ways mala and chanted 108 OMs.  Pretty powerful stuff!  My sankalpa(intent) is to be loving and patient as I stay with this practice for the next thirty days.  I look forward to what my arise in the next month.

It was interesting how I felt after the first go around.  I felt lighter and more centered.  Let you know more as this journey continues!

Love All Ways!

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