Spring into Action: Is It Time to Toss Your Skin-Care Products?

Text: Spring into action.

Do you have a variety of skin-care products sitting around in your bathroom drawers and cabinets? We bet you do! When it comes to our skin-care products, we want them to work well and last as long as possible.

But, skin-care products have a shelf life and there comes a time when we need to let them go. When is the last time you used them? Are they expired? It might be time for some skin-care spring cleaning.

Follow this simple guide to decide if you should get those old products out of your space:

  1. If a skin-care product has been forgotten in the back of a drawer, it might be expired. Look for an expiration date on the product container.
    If you can’t find one, it’s time to give your memory a workout: When did you buy it, and when did you first use it? A skin-care product generally has a shelf life of 2 to 3 years – if it’s unopened. Once you’ve opened it, it’s usually good for about a year.
  2. If you have no idea on the time frame and you cannot find an expiration date, just open the container, look at the texture and smell it. If it’s discolored, smells bad, or has changed consistency, it’s time to toss it.  
    If it still looks and smells okay, you can use it. But first, test it: Apply a small amount on your forearm and wait an hour to ensure the product is still viable before applying a large amount to your face.
  3. If you’ve been using a product regularly, but it’s no longer performing the way it used to, it’s time to say, “Goodbye, product. Hello, trashcan.”
  4. If you think the product still might be ok, but you’re not comfortable applying it to your face, try using it on less-delicate areas of your skin. Apply it to your hands or feet and show your fingers and toes some love.
  5. If you’re ever unsure about whether or not to toss a product, err on the side of caution and get rid of it.

Additionally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for storing and using skincare products, as this can also affect their shelf life. By paying attention to these signs and taking proper care of your products, you can ensure that your skincare routine is effective and safe.

You can always replace the products you love that have expired. Of course, if you are not using the products to begin with, you may be better off not getting another one. 

Many times, we purchase skin-care products that we saw in an advertisement or TikTok, without guidance from experts who know our skin’s needs. The product looks cool, but we don’t know if it’s right product for us or if the ingredients are going to provide the results that we want.

This is where having a skin care coach can be a great benefit!  The Floating Lotus’s aestheticians are skilled not only in helping you achieve the results you want, but also in knowing how get the most out of the skin-care products that you already use daily. 

The bottom line is that you should only keep products that are in good condition and that are effective for your skin. Using expired or ineffective products can lead to irritation, breakouts and other skin problems.

After you’ve tossed your old products, we’ll help you find new ones that you’ll love and that you’ll use before they expire, forgotten in a drawer. Visit our Facial Treatments page to browse or services. Then, call us at 501-361-2518 or book online through MindBody.

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