Reiki: Support for Health and Wellbeing


Reiki, a traditional Japanese energy healing technique, transfers the universal life force known as qi (chi) through a gentle, hands-on procedure. The objective of Reiki is to attain and maintain health through the balance of qi.

Often, a Reiki client enters a deep state of relaxation and meditation, which helps relieve stress and imbalances. Some people really enjoy the results and use Reiki as part of their wellness and lifestyle program. Its ability to bring about a sense of peace, harmony and balance is something you have to experience for yourself.

Everyone is different, so it’s best to see how you respond to Reiki instead of relying on someone else’s experience. Reiki clients are encouraged to simply relax and connect to their own body, mind and heart.

Some people feel subtle energy flow and some do not. There is no right or wrong experience. When the nervous system calms, the body’s own balancing and centering process takes over. Muscles relax, breathing becomes deeper, the mind becomes clear, and the spirit becomes serene.

When we are tranquil and balanced, we are better able to manage our responsibilities, make better decisions and find happiness more accessible.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki helps people reach peace and calmness through deep relaxation, which is essential for health and wellbeing. Some experience relief from physical and emotional pain; some feel possibility and positivity replacing anxiety and depression.

Reiki may also improve the wellbeing of patients undergoing addiction treatment, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. And, it can reduce insomnia, chronic illness and fatigue.

The benefits are distinct for each person. Reiki’s beauty is that it is a safe practice that anyone can use to support wellbeing.

What to Expect

So, you’re thinking about a Reiki session and wondering what it might be like! Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect when you schedule a Reiki appointment at The Floating Lotus.

You will be greeted at the front desk as you enter the spa, and if you are new, you’ll be asked to fill out a consent form. This allows you to offer information about yourself and what you hope Reiki can help you with.

When you first enter the treatment room you will spend a few minutes talking with our Reiki practitioner about what you need from your session. She will share knowledge, ideas or suggestions she feels are appropriate for you.

A Reiki session is similar to massage, as you will be relaxing on the table – first, face up, and then, face down. You will feel your practitioner’s hands gently laid on certain places on your body, or right above your body. There is no manipulation of tissue in a Reiki session.

Everyone comes to Reiki for a different reason. Because of that, you will have a unique experience. Reiki is intended to support your optimal state of wellness. After your session, you will have few minutes to talk about your experience, if you choose.

About Jami

Jami McCormackJami McCormack, The Floating Lotus’s Reiki practitioner, first went through Reiki training in 2001, while living in Colorado. That was a year of growth for her: she began her journey into holistic health, started practicing yoga, and received Reiki training and attunements through Master Level in the traditional Usui method. At that time she only used Reiki for herself, while continuing her education.

After she moved to Arkansas, Jami met Tacey Reese, who would become her Reiki mentor. Jami decided to continue her training, in order to deepen her understanding and take things slower. Jami is now a Second Degree practitioner of traditional Usui Reiki.

To schedule a Reiki appointment with Jami, please visit our online booking site.

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