Challenge yourself! 4 benefits of taking your Yoga practice to a new level

Challenging yourself by expanding your Yoga practice not only brings new energy to your practice but also allows you to continue exploring what works for you. The Floating Lotus’ Yoga teacher training program helps you further develop your practice – whether or not you plan to teach.

Want to bring it to the next level? Get ready to gain these 4 benefits of deepening your Yoga practice:

1. Acquiring Self-Discipline.

When you commit to a challenging program, you commit not only to the instructors and the studio, but also to a pledge made to yourself. You’ll gain focus and strength through a commitment to studying the philosophy of yoga, proper alignment and breathing, anatomy, and more.

2. Pushing Past Your Limits.

Expanding your practice means reevaluating what you can do, letting go of your excuses not to do it and rising above your fear of failure. In the process of letting go of ego, you’ll acquire strength, stability and stillness – of body, mind and spirit.

3. Revitalizing Your Practice.

Understanding the mechanics and theory behind the Yoga poses can bring new meaning to your practice and help you return your attention and full-body awareness to those poses. You’ll learn the benefits of the foundational Yoga postures as well as discover the relationship of Yoga to Ayurveda and meditation.

4. Gaining Confidence.

Completing a rigorous program will help you uncover your personal strength and boost your self-esteem. Each small success will motivate you to achieve the next one – by the end of the course, you can look back at great achievements you have accomplished.

Are you up for the challenge?

Visit our Yoga Teacher Training page to register by April 13 for our 2018 course. Classes begin April 20!

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