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More than washboard abs: 5 reasons building a strong core benefits you every day

We hear a lot about strengthening our core, but what does that really mean? An article on Harvard’s Healthbeat describes core muscles as “the sturdy central link in a chain connecting your upper and lower body.” A strong, flexible core improves stability and supports every movement you make.

Not convinced? Here are 5 reasons a strong core benefits you every day:

  1. Injury prevention. Most of our movements begin at the center and progress outward. A sturdy core, says the Mayo Clinic website, helps make the movements associated with physical activity easier and stronger.
  2. Better balance. A strong core maintains your alignment. This, says a Fitness Magazine web article, “enhances your ability to perform everyday tasks — like crossing the slippery street wipe-out free — as well as more intense ones, like rock climbing.”
  3. Pain-free backs. Harvard’s Healthbeat writers say that lower-back aches can be prevented by building core muscles. And, they say, if back pain occurs, core exercises can relieve that pain.
  4. Joint protection. A strong core helps you stand tall, holding yourself in a way that is the least stressful to your body, says Fitness Magazine. This good posture protects your joints from conditions like arthritis and degenerative joint disease.
  5. Happier housework. Household chores like vacuuming, dusting and hammering all begin in, or pass through the core, according to Harvard’s Healthbeat. Make that work easier with a powerful core.

Ready to build those core muscles? Sign up for The Floating Lotus’s More than Core series. This six-week series using Pilates and Yoga to engage your core – you’ll lengthen, strengthen and disengage from pain.

This powerhouse-conditioning series is led by Nikki Cotton, who has training in both Yoga and Pilates. The series runs on Tuesdays, beginning March 6. No prior training or experience in necessary. Visit our MINDBODY page to register and find more information.

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