How Yoga Teacher Training Deepens Your Practice


So, you’ve been thinking about taking your yoga practice to the next level – have you ever considered teaching? Embarking on a certified teacher training course can help you really delve deeper into your practice.

In typical yoga classes, you learn about the physical aspects of yoga — but there is so much more to it than that. Through teacher training classes, you learn even more about the importance of proper alignment, the significance of certain poses and the value of the spiritual aspects of yoga. 

Yoga, since its origins in India, has been a spiritual practice. But this aspect has been lost in some studios. In modern, mainstream yoga culture, much of the focus is on purely physical aspects. 

The Floating Lotus’s teacher training takes us back to our roots. Learning more about the spiritual facet of yoga can help us learn more about ourselves. 

As you discover what yoga truly is, you begin to see it as not only a physical journey but as a self-awakening journey. Teachers-in-training will cultivate a lifestyle of self-mastery, empowerment and service to others. 

If you are ready to take this journey, visit http://floatinglotusyogastudio.com/training.html.


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