Winter Solstice 30 days of a Renewal Sadhana

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice. We move from darkness into light.  It will be a New Moon as well.  This will be a powerful time to cultivate the seeds of the Summer Solstice and Fall Equinox.  If you have planted intentions earlier it is the time to nurture those ideas.  My 30 Sadhana (practice) will be about self renewal.  I look forward to this time to honor my health and well being by taking time to slow down.  My plan is to cut back my spa days from four to three days.   It will be a new experience for me to not always be on.  With all the busy days I yearn for the long moments of quiet and rest.  May you find a 30 day Sadhana that is transforming and enlightening.  Think about what you need to create in your life.  Plant the seeds and allow the days of light to grow those intentions to fruition.  Peace….

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