Top 5 skin care tips to keeping your face looking its best

Wow!  I feel so grateful that Katie O’Byrne editor for Natural Awakenings AR let me share 5 of my beauty tips in the November issue!

Here is the article I wrote:

Top 5 skin care tips to keeping your face looking its best.
Your face is the first thing that someone sees and you want it to look healthy and glowing. Here are my top 5 tricks to keeping a healthy glow.
·         Hydration is vital for healthy glowing skin.  When you do not get enough water your skin gets dry.  The dryer your skin the more lack luster, wrinkly and fatigued the skin texture will be.  Plus, drinking/eating foods that support hydration is important.
·         Get plenty of rest.  Have you ever been asked, “are you feeling well?”  after having a restless night of sleep.  You may feel fine, but your skin is reflecting a tired and stressful appearance.
·         The crucial home care steps:  cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish.  These steps are the most basic for healthy skin.  Cleansing and exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin, so that when you nourish with a serum, masque, or moisturizer the hydration can get to the lower levels of the epidermis.
·         Stress free living is key.  The more stress you care can damage cells and stress can cause facial wrinkles….think frown lines between the eyebrows.
·         Get moving!  Exercise is great for circulation!  Circulation is great for glowing skin and it is  wonderful at combating tress.  The more oxygen filled blood that you can get pumping will eliminate  dull, stressed, and tired looking skin.  When blood is moving it is rejuvenating your skin from the inside out.
If you want healthy looking skin just follow these simple steps.  You can come see me for any further skin care questions.  I have been an esthetician for 9 years and not all skin care concerns can be corrected with just these steps above, but they are a great way to start.

Cassandra Benning Aesthetics License Number: 13990

Cassandra Benning is the owner of The Floating Lotus Yoga Studio and Day Spa. Has been sharing her knowledge about skin care since 2005 when she received her esthetics.  Cassandra’s  skin care journey started when she was 12 years old: having Grade 2 acne, she quickly learned the necessity of caring for skin.

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