10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse

It has been a couple of years since I have done a green smoothie cleanse.  For one year my vitamix blender was in storage while Eric and I lived with his parents.  This coming from a gal that lived a raw food lifestyle for a year.  Talking about clean eating I never knew you could get high from being so pure with food!

Anyway a little over a year ago we finished building our house, got married, and now I feel life has settled down enough to detox my body.  I have been wanting to get back to green smoothies everyday, but once you get out of a habit it’s hard to start again.Since I have been with Eric I have slowly reintroduced meat into my diet.  When I meet him I was eating a mostly vegetarian diet with small amounts of fish and eggs. Adding meat, like chicken and turkey, into my life was new.  I felt like I needed to add some animal protein into my diet because I was feeling like I was missing something.  My body was weak and I was suffering from carb/energy crashes.

So, I started adding a little bit of chicken and then it snowballed into all varieties of meat with the exception of beef.  I eventually did a low carb, high fat, and high protein eating lifestyle.  Eric does great with this lifestyle diet.  I do not.  I tried it along with many other forms of eating habits through the years.  By detoxing all the meat I consumed over the last two years,  I have finally become aware of what works best for me.  This is the whole point!  I am so grateful for the green smoothie detox.  It has shown me that I do better with green smoothies and I can balance them with veggies, salads and a little meat for optimal health.  This is what works for me.  I wish you the best journey in finding what works best for you.

Know your body, listen to it, and your body will guide you into the perfect balance.

Happy Eating!


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