My journey with Eminence skin care

I have always been a skin care junkie.  My skin care obsession started with my mom showing me how to care for my skin in my early teen years.  In my teens I had Grade II acne.  I do admit it is not as severe as some people I see today with high grades, but as a teenager you always feel self-conscious and acne is right there for anyone to see.  Anyway, I started taking antibiotics regularly to clear up my skin.  This was the only option since accutane was not around.  Eventually my acne cleared up, not to say I didn’t still have occasional breakouts…I still do to this day.

Now fast forward to my mid-twenties where I had worked and sampled several over the counter department store cosmetic companies.  I will attest to using these products and I enjoyed them all.  I even found a few skin care lines in my early thirties that I liked from a couple of days spas I visited or worked.   As I stated I appreciated a few of the skin care lines, but my biggest love for a skin care line came when I had my first Eminence facial.  This amazing facial was provided by Turtle Cove in  Mt. Harbor Resort.  It was love at first sight.

I didn’t started using the Eminence line regularly until I brought it into my spa in 2010.  At the time I was having a hard time with hyperpigmentation, the dreaded dark spots.  As I was now in my mid thirites these pesky spots were making a grand appearance on my forehead  and cheeks.  It was my teens all over again.  I was becoming self-conscious again.  I remember someone asking what was on my forehead, like I had something on there that needed to be rubbed off.  Below you can see the difference Eminence has made on my skin in the last four years! The time sequence is top left 2010 to top right 2012 and bottom left 2012 to bottom right 2014.  I look young as I have gotta older AND the dark spots are barely there.

Hooked for life!


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