The New Normal

Today I was hearing a song in my head all day.  It is Bjork’s, “It’s, Oh, So Quiet”.  This song really resonates with me today except for one phrase in the song.  If you know the song there is a phase; It’s, Oh, So Quiet and then the riot begins.  Here is a link to the song in case you are not familiar with it.
Well, the riot is the part I will be missing in my life for the next eighteen months.

You see I awoke this morning to kissing my husband(the riot) goodbye for the next eighteen months.  He is moving to Monte Rey, California to study at the Defense Language Institute.  I am so proud of him and this is a big career changer for him.  It’s just he won’t be here everyday to be my comic relief and this is what makes my life, “Oh, So Quiet”.

Plus, March 4th we disconnected the Dish.  Not only am I without his spontaneous dance moves and songs and jokes but I am without the only addiction I have…..TV.  For those out there I know personally I would guess that last statement about TV addiction might come as a surprise.  It’s the only addiction I have. About six weeks ago I logged my TV watching hours and I was appalled to find that in one week I had watched 40 hours of the tube.  WHAT!? 

This lead me to my next sadhana(yoga practice) which was to detox.  With the New Moon approaching on March 4th I was without my addiction.  It was okay I thought I can handle this because my honey was still around.  With all the planning for his move we had been really busy and I did not have time to miss the TV.  Now that he is gone this will mark a new normal beginning in my life.

So, this blogging is going to be apart of my “new normal”.  It will help build new neurological pathways for my brain so I am looking forward to this.  Plus, I will be even more focused when it comes to cleaning all the closets, and the garage and attic.  Any ladies out there know what I am talking about?  My husband seems to be a little spastic when it comes to organizing.  With him gone I can de-clutter the entire house.  I am actually really excited about these projects!

My new normal is starting right now and I feel lucky to have the opportunity to dive deep into my own head and shake things up a bit.  And of course there is still Netflix…… 😉

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