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We Won’t Be Social Distancing Forever, So Keep Your Lashes In Great Shape!

Let’s face it: Lash therapy is all about chat-time with your lash stylist.  You have an hourlong, one-on-one convo about everything that is important to you, while you get a beauty treatment.  Of course, some of you get a wonderful nap during these sessions, instead …

In this time of social distancing, it has been hard for us at the Floating Lotus not getting to visit with all of you. But, we want to share a few tips on serums that will provide you with long full lashes while you are staying at home. These products can be found at your favorite drugstore or department store, or ordered online.  Here, Liz shares her top 5 lash and brow serums, each with plenty of benefits to keep you going until we see you again:

1. RevitaLash, $98. As one of the top rated lash serums according to Business Insider and health.com, it feels right to put this serum on the top of the list. The main ingredients are peptides, botanicals and a BioPeptide complex. The .067 oz tube typically lasts for about three months. But, they do offer a smaller .034 oz tube for less money.

2. Shiseido Full Lash and Brow Serum, $36. This serum is a less-expensive option that still supports the conditioning of lashes and brows. Arginine is the key conditioning ingredient.

3. Hydropeptide Lash, $98. This vegan and fragrance-free lash serum fortifies lashes with the help of biotin, hyaluronic acid and peptides.

4. Rapid Lash, $50. This serum has more than 400 five-star reviews on Dermstore. This might be a good option for those with sensitive eyes due to the soybean oil and other vitamins in its formula.

5. LashFood, $78. This vegan and eco-friendly lash serum helps strengthen brittle lashes with the help of lavender water, soy and rice proteins. Its 99.49% natural formula makes it especially good for those with sensitive skin and eyes.

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