Join us Sunday for Global Mala 2017!

Join the Floating Lotus on Sunday, Sept. 24, for Global Mala 2017! This is our eighth year to host a public global mala.

Shiva Rea, Cassandra Benning’s teacher, began the Global Mala Project to bring the worldwide yoga community together to form a symbolic mala around the earth. The combined practices are based on a cycle of 108, the number of beads in the beaded malas often used in meditation practices.

Global Mala day traditionally happens on the Sunday closest to the autumnal equinox and United Nations International Day of Peace. Our practice will end with 108 chants of OM to raise consciousness and focus on peace.

Our Global Mala practice will consist of a derivative of 108 sun salutations. Don’t let that scare you – you don’t have to perform all 108 rounds. Each round is a dedication to peace, and you are welcome to meditate or rest during all or part of it, or join us at the end to chant.

The Floating Lotus invites all who are interested to participate, regardless of experience level, approach or yoga style. Wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat, bring a towel, bring a friend! Global Mala 2017 is free and takes place 9-11 a.m. at Murray Park in Little Rock.

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