30 Day Vira Sadhana

Last night was a full moon and I have decided that I am feeling the pull of strength and power. This vibrational energy is perfect for a Vira Sadhana, a practice of strong asanas.  My 30 day mantra is one to Ganesh, may any obstacles in my path be removed.

The feeling of strength I am experiencing could be coming from my 40th birthday that happen last Friday, May 17th.  What a great weekend!  It started on a Thursday night with my mom and my longest and dearest friend Christine.  We spent the night at Eric’s family lakehouse.  Three strong and vivacious women talking about life.  I learned that I want these women at any future childbirth that happens in my future.  It was so supportive to have two women that I love deeply with me on the eve of my 40th.  It filled me with love and strength.  Their stories let me know that everything ahead of me is just a beginning to each new chapter that has yet to be told and they would be there to give me love, support and strength!
This Sadhana is for you Mom and Christine!  I love you both so much.

Side note:  Sorry if you saw this blog already, but I wrote the above on my iphone blog app while at the lakehouse.  It dated it wrong so I wanted to do it again.

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