Vision Quest

Vision quest – a rite of passage in some Native American cultures. 

I had a vision today about a little journey I would like to embark upon.  For those who know me I have had a really unsettling 2011.  It completely knocked me off balance.  I haven’t judged myself for the new waves of habits that have come my way, I have just sat back and observed.  Hum, that’s interesting when I was doing or eating in a new way that has been foreign to me for many years.

Today started out no differently but I had this vision.  It was very powerful and motivating and I decided to go with it and see where it takes me.  One thing is for sure I am totally someone who loves new illuminating paths.

I am not sure anyone reads these blogs but it really doesn’t matter I have decided to but my vision into action and I wanted to document everything as I go forward.

Here is my vision to do a backbend everyday.  Pretty simple for someone who does yoga but even the most discipline yogi/yogini has the flow of life that sometimes calls them away from their practice,especially if you are a householder.

I will try to blog everyday about my experience as this unfolds over the next year but I will most definitely be taking a picture of each heart opening backbend that unfolds for me each day.  Below is the first one.

Love is flowing…..

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