Aqua Dermabrasion: A Fresh Glow for Your Face

Photo of aqua dermabrasion procedure

At The Floating Lotus, we take new techniques in self-care seriously. We always strive to bring you the latest ways of achieving your best self, whether that be through a yoga class or a spa service. This month, we are excited to share with you our new Aqua Dermabrasion Ultra spa service.

What is aqua dermabrasion? It is a new way to perform microdermabrasion. Typically, a microdermabrasion is performed dry. We use the Bio-Brasion Trinity system, the next generation of exfoliation, which features layered wet/dry microdermabrasion. The 3-pass process is catered to your unique skin needs and concerns.

This advanced treatment is designed to give the deepest exfoliation to the top surfaces of the skin while hydrating and infusing custom-blended ingredients. The result: the ultimate fresh glow!

How is Bio-Brasion different from dry microdermabrasion? It uses a lower suction, which means no pulling on fragile skin. Plus, an acid-based foam is applied before the first exfoliation pass. This foam peel loosens dead skin cells, making them easier to remove and dissolve, all resulting a more effective and deeper exfoliation. Before the second and third passes, we apply a serum suitable for your skin concerns.

After the aqua dermabrasion, you will receive a treatment masque, plus lymphatic drainage massage movements and an upper body massage while the masque sits. Ultrasound is the final step, allowing for deep penetration of serums into your freshly exfoliated skin.

Benefits of aqua dermabrasion include:

  • Softening and smoothing lines and wrinkles.
  • Helping to treat acne.
  • Decreasing texture.
  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Being safe for all skin types.
  • Not having to plan for downtime.
  • Seeing increased results with each use.
  • Ability to treat chest and other body areas.
  • Hydrating for skin.
  • Increasing blood flow.

Our clients love it too:

“My skin was so hydrated and smooth after my first aqua dermabarsion. The procedure was soothing compared to a traditional dry microdermabrasion. The whole process was extremely exfoliating, but not overly abrasive for my drier skin type. The whole experience left my skin smoother, refreshed and with a more even skin tone.” – Glee L.

“I’ve had a few facials, but WOW! After a summer of sun and wearing a mask, my skin looked dull and needed a deep clean. The Aqua Dermabrasion Ultra facial felt amazing and gave my skin the treatment it needed to feel great. I kept touching my soft face all weekend long.” – Schell G.

To book your Aqua Dermabrasion Ultra facial at The Floating Lotus, visit our online schedule or call (501) 664-0172 .

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