5 Surprising Ways Massage Improves Your Health

We all know that massage is great for relaxation, but how else does it affect your body? One of the keys to massage is movement. Both yoga and massage increase flexibility and range of motion by stretching and lengthening muscles. But the benefits don’t stop there! Massage is also known to:

  1. Reduce stress, depression and anxiety! Massage relaxes the body and melts away tension. The light human touch can be a cure for many ailments, including depression.
  2. Improve circulation! When blood flow increases, it can aid in the nutrition and cell regeneration of the skin.
  3. Give your skin color and elasticity! This increased circulation also improves your coloring, the overall appearance of skin and collagen production.
  4. Increase immunity! The stimulation of massage increases the activity of the body’s natural T-cells. You’ll be able to fight viruses more effectively!
  5. Detoxify the body! Massage helps to increase the production of sweat, allowing toxins to escape the body.

The benefits are endless! If you are an expectant mother, get migraines, have arthritis, are undergoing chemotherapy or are a geriatric patient, massage can help ease your pain/symptoms.

Okay, so now you’re ready to schedule your appointment! Here are some tips to help make your experience perfect:

  • Arrive 10 minutes early with a positive, open mind — rushing can take away from the relaxation of the massage.
  • Undress to your comfort level. You will always be draped during the session.
  • Work with your therapist to set up the room to your comfort. We can definitely alter the lighting, room temperature, pressure or bed temperature. We want you to be stress-free!
  • Relax and enjoy!
After that? Keep coming back! Clients have told us that massage has helped their mobility, chronic pain symptoms, mental health and emotional release. We recommend clients get a minimum four massages a year. See you soon!



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