What to expect at your first Brazilian Wax


It’s swimsuit season, and many are looking for ways to keep their bikini line groomed without the hassle!
Brazilian waxes are often the route many choose to take, but for first-timers this can be nerve-racking. No need to worry! Here are a few things to keep in mind so you can walk in for your first Brazilian Wax with confidence.
When you enter the spa, you’ll typically be greeted by an  esthetician (this is standard procedure at The Floating Lotus). You’ll then be taken to the treatment room where you’ll be asked if it’s your first time. Good estheticians know you may be a little nervous and will do their best to help you feel relaxed.
Next you’ll be told to remove everything from the waist down and given a towelette to cleanse the area. Your esthetician will step out while you prepare and re-enter once you’re ready.
This is when you may feel most nervous. You may start to have many questions. You may be worried about the intrusiveness of it all. There are some positions that may be a little awkward. Our estheticians at The Floating Lotus are careful to work with positions that are less intrusive.
You may also be curious about the waxing itself, especially if you’ve never encountered wax before. The wax used at The Floating Lotus is by Lycon Wax and can be used on sensitive skin. The wax is never super hot, just warmer than room temperature. Your anxiety can actually make this part of the treatment seem worse, so having a good esthetician is key.
Here’s how. While the waxing itself can be a little painful, a good esthetician will help you relax by sparking conversation. Stress can increase pain during a session, and small talk is a great distraction.  Before you know it, it’s over! Most Brazilian Waxes last anywhere between 20-45 minutes.


Afterwards, no need to worry about shaving! The result can last for four to six weeks. In the meantime, it’s important to exfoliate the area as new hair grows (typically five days after your wax). Other than that, throw on your bathing suit and enjoy a shave-free summer!


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